Drones are already making headlines about how they can dramatically cut costs for one-off inspections. Replacing $2000/hour helicopter surveys, accessing hard to reach areas, inspecting hazardous locations, or rapidly surveying large areas have all provided huge time and cost savings using drones.

Rekun Drone is your leading nationwide drone services company which specializes in drone security surveillance solutions, aerial infrastructure inspection, agricultural drone solutions, and marine drone technologies. We provide custom drone solutions to an endless spectrum of clients across industries by providing impactful drone technology and drone data with our nationwide network of drone operators coupled with cutting- edge technology. We provide drone services to many different industries including security, oil & gas, agriculture, infrastructure, telecommunications, and maritime industries. Our drone solutions offer clients flexibility and control over their acquired data.

We have obtained PAAS License from NCAA for all our services, and we utilize drones to provide the following services.

  • Security Surveillance
  • Aerial Inspection and Monitoring
  • Agricultural
  • Marine Survey/ Hydrographic

Unbeknown to you, your competitors are adopting UAVs to improve on their service delivery and create a competitive advantage. It is about time you did too.