Land Survey and Mapping

Land survey is undertaken before a site is developed.  Site development encompasses planning before construction and we are there to support you as you proceed by surveying the land at any stage in your project.

Our UAVs can assist local and state agencies with their need to update land records. Our drone images will be used to update decades-old land records, check encroachments and resolve disputes over land and property.

“While land records are meant to be updated every five years, this is not done regularly and there are invariably errors, even with satellite imagery, that is why drone use will be very critical in GIS application, as they are more precise, and can be used to verify and rectify the land records before they are digitized”.

Delays in mapping lands and authenticating ownership have caused disputes that stall development projects, sparking lengthy court battles. Matters related to land and property make up about two thirds of all civil cases in many developing countries.

Drone images can be checked against existing land records and verified with village councils in rural areas before being updated. Communities in slums can create accurate maps of their localities, which can be used to reduce flood risks and improve response to disasters.


Our drone service is not limited to builders, contractors, engineers, architects, land owner of corporate developer, and government agencies.