Land monitoring

It is more difficult than it sounds.

When it comes to securing land rights especially in developing countries, aerial imagery and geospatial data collected by drones are both invaluable and everlasting.

It is necessary in case of localized community participation because as opposed to existing labor-intensive topographic / boundary surveys that involves expensive traditional photography from conventional aircraft fitted with specialized cameras that only large corporation or rich government bodies can afford, drones are really a cost-effective and democratic option.

With an estimated 90% of the land in Africa having undocumented ownership, use one of our specialized government-approved drone-services – be it for a small plot, a large site, inaccessible property, or an inhospitable terrain – to solve your land right issues, monitor login and mining for both production and compliance.

Safeguards your natural and cultural resources with our trustworthy monitoring services.

Of course, land monitoring brings with itself legal issues but be assured that all our operations will be covered within the Nigerian federal aviation administrative guidelines.