Aerial Inspection & Monitoring

Land monitoring

It is more difficult than it sounds. When it comes to securing land rights especially in developing countries, aerial imagery and geospatial data collected by drones are both invaluable and everlasting. It is necessary in case of localized community participation because as opposed to existing labor-intensive topographic / boundary surveys that involves expensive traditional photography […]

Land Survey and Mapping

Land survey is undertaken before a site is developed.  Site development encompasses planning before construction and we are there to support you as you proceed by surveying the land at any stage in your project. Our UAVs can assist local and state agencies with their need to update land records. Our drone images will be […]

Telecoms Masts / Equipment Inspection

Maintenance of telecommunication structures, steel structures (like masts and towers) are as expensive as it is necessary. Neglecting this equipment can result in structural collapse, impacting telecommunication services nationwide and resulting in significant financial and other downstream sector losses.   All telecommunication inspections require getting up top & conducting visual check using specialized UAVs to […]

Utilities / Power Infrastructure Inspection

We have a fleet of specialized UAV pilots and engineers, with the support of our asset management software coupled with a map driven interface, to provide transmission and distribution tower inspection, bridge inspection, water reservoir inspections and other infrastructure related inspection services. We also provide internal and confined space inspection services, making it easy for […]

Oil and Gas sector monitoring

Workplace injuries and fatalities is at an all-time high, particularly in the Oil & Gas sector. We are dedicated to solving this problem and make the workplace safer for your company. By using Drone based NDT/NDE Inspection technology, we can collect drone data from inaccessible or dangerous sites while keeping the inspector’s feet on the […]