A Call for Resellers


We at Rekun Drone look at business differently. True we want to grow but we also want to develop an ecosystem for this new-age discipline.

We thought of taking in enthusiastic partners as our resellers to not only further our service
map but also to support those who want to indulge in it in their own way.


We not only have the very best and the latest drones, we also have forged a tie-up with US- based Aquabotix Technology Corporation who is unparallel in their underwater drone innovations. This exclusive partnering gives us an edge from other drone operators and sellers. While most struggle to maintain shape above the ground we can go deep into the exciting waters.


That makes us a full-range service organization in its strict sense.


From aerial photography, videography, security surveillance, patrol of Waterways; offshore oil & gas monitoring & inspection, herdsmen surveillance, land survey and aerial mapping, agricultural crop monitoring/analysis to maritime imaging services including hydrographic survey, underwater pipeline, cable and ship-hull inspection and aquaculture monitoring, we have it all.


So let us join hands to explore both above and below to grow both in length and in breadth.

Get in touch, here!